Dairy Free Pack

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Product Code: Dairy Free 10 Meal Pack
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10 Healthy Meals ( Dairy Free & Gluten Free )

1 x Kashmiri Style Beef Curry w/ Basmati Rice & Steamed Greens

1 x Poached Citrus Chicken w/ Warm Spiced Sweet Potato & Lentil Salad

1 x Coconut & Lime Crumbed Fish w/ Brown Rice & Mint Salad

1 x Kumara, Eggplant & Coconut Curry w/ Warm Spiced Current & Nut Rice

1 x Coconut Chicken Curry w/ Lemon Grass Rice & Steamed Greens

1 x Roast Chicken, Lemon & Thyme w/ Seasonal Vegetables & Pan Jus

1 x Cranberry, Pepita & Brown Rice w/ Poached Chicken Breast

1 x Slow cooked Chana Dahl served with  Brown Rice

1 x Seasonal Vegetable Pot Pie  w/ Polenta & Parmesan Dumplings

1 x Lamb Kumara & Almond Curry W/ Steamed Rice & Spinach

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